So everyone will always always say how do you save the money? There is no magic trick to do it,  you just have to be persistent. I myself try and save $20 per paycheck , so $40 a month into two different high interest savings accounts- one for my big trip and one for a small trip.  I also have a TFSA (Tax Free Savings Account) Where I put $50 a paycheck ($100 a month) into it- it adds up quickly, and there’s incentive not to touch it.

I also suggest you try to pay off any debt you have- especially credit cards, you may need to use your credit card during your trip so you will need it paid off before hand. Stop using your credit card alltogether.  I have one visa card, and one student loan to pay- i’m trying to get them paid down as much as I can afford.

If there are little things you like daily or weekly or just an “addiction” you should try to stop or cut down- you will save alot.  Here are some of my things:

1. Shopping – For Clothes (Both instore and Online)- Happy to say i’m doing great on this one- haven’t went shopping in ages!

2. Chocolate – I love chocolate lol I use to eat it everyday- but I don’t have to anymore

3.  Buying “Brand Name Food”- This is one I haven’t accomplished yet, it’s hard to go to store brand or no name food, when your so use to buying the same brand for many years. But I am trying- starting slowly buy buying no name household prodcuts; it’s a work in progress


1. Smoking- He started smoking again! tisk tisk- he says he will try to quit again- which will be good if he does

2.  Timmys Coffee- He just needs his precious extra large triple triple! – We use to have a cheap coffee maker but it broke or so he says.. He will have to buy a new one and get timmys in a can and make his own lol

3.  Money- Chad is horrible with his money- so I have to take his debit card from him – sad but true lol

Make a list of all of your bills -negiotable (you can get rid of , or cut it down) and non-negotiable (rent)

Here’s My Bills:

  1. Rent – $357.00/month
  2. Hydro- $30/ Every two months
  3. Cell Phone- $60/month
  4. Tv/Internet- $52/month
  5. Banking Fee- $10.95/month
  6. Visa-$50.00/month
  7. Student Loan- $92/month
  8. Eye Glasses- $32/month
  9. Groceries- $unknown

So probably my monthly bills equal over $700 give or take- and I don’t make alot to begin with so I don’t have alot of wiggle room or alot to play around with ie) save for travel. So I have two things to do- cut or reduce alot of negoitables and make more money.

Rent, Student Loan, Visa, Banking Fee, and Eye Glasses are not really negoiotable so we will leave them for now.  However my hydro I can reduce by leaving things off when not in use and unplug things- which I already do. My cell phone I cant change my ridiculous plan- if I pay out of contract… and my tv can be reduced.  Groceries I can try and save by buying on sale items, and making a budget.


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