So Many Decisions!

The age old this-or-that. Suitcase or backpack, lug around my trusty old laptop or buy a cute netbook or even better a pretty macbook 🙂 . Just take an ipod touch, or take my cell too.. or buy an unlocked cell… oh soo many questions. Please help 🙂 In  a way it seems good to use the electronics you already have, that way if they die, you can buy new ones. But if you buy new ones firsthand you can have nice new, fast, small in size to travel around with.

Backpack or suitcase? – I prefer Suitcase on your more traditional holidays, but probably for traveling for a fair bit a backpack would be better.

Trusty old laptop or Netbook- I first off don’t really want to lug a laptop around, a cute little netbook would suffice for uploading pics and writing emails, although a dream would be to have a netbook, gotta save my travel funds though 😉

I’ll def take my ipod touch with me for the music, i’m undecided on the phone though, I don’t want to be charged roaming fees, unless I can shut them off some how… but my phone isn’t unlocked, maybe buying a cheap unlocked phone would be ideal.

I def want a new cam for christmas- I just can’t decide what one, I love Canon and another one would be good, or a entry level dslr would be good, or that new Nikon looks nice aswell. Any tips on cameras?

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