To Plan Or Not To Plan?

Puddle Jumping- Photo Credit: Google Images

I’m a natural Planner at heart. I love to be organized, plan things, research, make lists – for whatever may be in my life. But I also got that care-free wing-it personality too. Let’s say our last summer trip- we went to Alberta & British Columbia.  We obvisouly knew we only had a week, made a list of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see, and a rough outline where we would be each day. However as we got to each place we kinda went with the flow for what activities we wanted to do and what hotels we would stay in.  We had a great time and did basically everything we wanted to do, an exception would be a few repeats from last year that we enjoyed but it’s ok we missed it this time around. My question to all of you is, Is it better to be planned and prepared for everything or leave some caution to the wind. My worry is that it would be cheaper to book hostels, flights beforehand and then you would be guaranteed that “cheap rate” and wouldn’t have to waste time finding a cheap yet decent hostel or coach surf when you get there.  I don’t want everything to be too planned- like if we decide we like a certain city and wanna stay it will probably cost fees to change hostel bookings for the next town. Also  if I don’t book any accomodation cheap places or places near where I want to be will probably be all or mostly booked up in the summer (europe) Am I thinking this out too much?  How to do you plan your long term travel? some things pre-booked and other things wing-it. Winging it usually works for me but sometimes it does not. Like the time me and Chad went to Minot, North Dakota for a shopping trip. It was summer and a weekend, so of course every hotel would be booked up. We thought well we will go to Bismarck and maybe there will be some hotels there… we were wrong no hotels.. there was a horrible rain storm- I went puddle jumping in the hugest puddles in the pouring rain, it was so fun. Then we headed back to Manitoba it was soo stormy – i’m pretty sure there was a tornado that night. We got home at around 6am. Moral of the story is- sometimes it is a good idea to book ahead of time and not wing-it.

Australia/ New Zealand Pre-Trip Costs

Here’s a list of costs i’ve come up with pre trip


  • 6 months worth of money for bills while were away
  • Australian Working Holiday Visa
  • Flight to Australia
  • Money expenses when first get to Oz
  • Backpack
  • Packing Cubes
  • Neck Pillow
  • New Camera
  • Netbook?
  • Memory Cards


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