Fall is here!

Brr here it is def getting colder where I am, the only thing I like about it is wearing ugg and emu boots haha. I am not a real fan of fall or winter, too cold for me. This weekend I just hung with my family, and spend no money! I was proud 🙂 I actually made extra money on Friday, I sold a calculator online and got $50! I was happy haha.  I was discussing with my aunty on Saturday all the places we would like to travel. Originally a couple of us ( grandma, couple of aunties, my mom and I) were going to go to Minot, North Dakota for a weekend shopping trip in November. But my one aunt hasn’t send away for her passport yet, so we are unsure if she will get it in time. So then I told my aunty Minneapolis is only 9.5 hours away. She suggested in December we go to Minot for one night, Fargo for one night, and Minneapolis for a couple days. I was soo happy, no one else in my family shares my love of travel. My aunty wants to go to alot of the same places I do, and it’s fun to discuss all the things we want to do. She is also a inspiration to me as she has a good job, and is a very thrifty person lol, so i’m going to try and be like her, so I can save up. So hopefully everything goes as planned and we get to go on a mini road trip in the states. 🙂


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